Saturday, April 11, 2009

You cant win them all

The Sounders squared off tonight against Kansas City Wizards at Qwest this evening. The house was rocking with more than 28,000 fans making the home team feel welcome. The Sounders came into the match 3-0, riding a shutout streak, and all was going smoothly. The attacking was there, the two Freddy's were on the pitch for the first time together all year when the unthinkable happened. A breakaway by the Wizards happened in the 29th minute and Kasey came out to challenge, except Kasey was out of the box and hit the ball with his hands. Keller tried to play it off as the ball hit his body, but in review, it was obvious, he hit it with his left arm. The red card came out, Kasey went off, Dragavon in, and Le Toux out.

The Sounders were forced to play with 9 on the field the remaining 60 minutes. The game progressed with many fouls, and alot of cards, and the Sounders finally succombed to the pressure with a hard strike, 25+ yards out Arnaud struck a screamer that Dragavon got his hands on but it was too much and deflected into the net.

The problem with the red card is, Seattle doesnt have another goalie on staff. Dragavon is not under contract, so Seattle will have to sign a backup this week before they head to California to play Chivas. Keller will not be allowed in the game due to the red card. Dragavon looked like he was comfortable, he was controlling and talking to the defense, it was a screamer of a shot that unfortunately went in.

Montero had repeated opportunities in this match, with the best being a penalty shot just outside the box. Ljunberg set up to take the penalty, with a push he sent it foward opening the wall of the Wizards and Montero shot a knuckler that cleared the wall and hit the bar skipping off. It was a great shot.

Seattle in my opinion outplayed K.C. all match long. 4 good scoring chances, except luck tonight was not on the side of our Sounders.

Not taking anything away from Montero, or underwear boy Ljundberg, but Osvaldo Alonso again played another solid match. Stabilizing the middle, marking hard and giving the Wizards offense fits.

The game ended with 3 minutes in extra time, unfortunately with a 0-1 scoring result.

Overall, a great performance considering losing your #1 goalie, your captain early on and having to be select in making runs.

If you havent watched a game, you are really missing out. This is a solid team, they play solid together and personally love to watch it. So four weeks in, we're 3-1, 2nd in the Western conference. We are playing Chivas USA next week, who are 3-1-0, on top of the Western conference, that played to a 0-0 tie tonight against the Galaxy. Chivas will also not have a player, Paulo Nagamura, a midfielder with 2 goals due to a red card.

So bring it Chivas, we'll be ready, and we want our #1 ranking again.

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  1. The Sounders are a damn good Soccer team and with having the odds stacked against them to lose only by a goal; They are a well rounded team including the bench. I'll take my hat off and raise my glass of future bliss......LLW