Wednesday, April 29, 2009

If I had it my way (just some thoughts)..........

If I had the sports world my way:

The words "Mike Vick" would not be brought up in conversation or topics again

The NBA would go away. Ok, how bout they introduce the 2 minute penalty like in hockey instead of 5 fouls, and there is a 2 for sissy fouls. I want a MMA fight to break out between Yao Ming and Tim Duncan. That would be money.

Someone would shove Sean Avery's dome through the boards and he wouldn't be allowed to play anymore.

The Detroit Red Wings would suffer the same fate as the rest of the auto industry in Michigan and fold.

The NHL would introduce cheerleaders with NFL type uni's on the ice, if you catch my drift

Did I mention the NBA would go away?

Seattle would host a Superbowl, and it would rain like a mofo.

I wouldn't hear things like, a major league baseball player can't play a night/day game, or a double header. They need to rest. WTF.

MLB would have a salary cap, not this thing they call a salary cap. Forcing equality throughout the league and Alex Rodriguez would find himself in Kansas City.

ESPN the Magazine would concentrate on sports, not lame stories.

In fact

ESPN would stop showing the following (these are not sports):

Whatever basketball game is being played when the players have nicknames and there is an m.c. Bowling
Around the Horn (This is a stupid show)

When two drivers in Nascar feud, they get called to the trailer, but the trailers' a cage match

I dont know, maybe its the lack of sun, that's just what I was thinking this morning.

I'm just sayin

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