Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Alrighty, here it is, the Seahawks draft question

So we are 4 days away from what could be a very interesting day for the Seahawks and the NFL draft. I've read the blogs, the "experts", and the mock drafts. A couple things are for sure as we get ready for the draft:

1. Detroit again has the #1 pick

2. Seattle is in a interesting predicament.

3. Nobody really knows what is going to happen.

In regards to Seattle, if for some reason Seattle finds itself in a position that Curry, Monroe, Crabtree, and Sanchez are available, I still think the answer is easy.

Curry is the fit for the Hawks. I don't expect that we will see Monroe, and as nice as having Crabtree as another option for Hasslebeck, I don't see them going for a wide receiver.

Curry can make a difference now. He can physically fit in with this core of linebackers and make immediate gains. I think that is what is most important to the Hawks.

Personally, I think the Hawks did the right thing last year in shutting down Matt. We were going nowhere, the offensive line was banged up something fierce, and allowing him to get healthy and come back this year ready to go was a bold, but right decision.

I know the offensive line is getting old, but they too were put on ice for the better part of the year, allowing to get healthy.

Further, if it does fail, and the Seahawks struggle, I personally think that next years crop of QB's far out way this years.

Another huge area of concern is getting a running back. This could be done in the second or third round, but I don't like the options at running back.

I just hope they don't go QB on the first pick. What do you think? What do you see the Hawks doing?

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  1. I forecast the Hawks to go defense more than offense. The defensive line needs some revamping, they will trade up a pro bowler or someone who rode the pine last season for some forth and fifth round or even a tenth or twelfth draft pick for the defensive line and possibly more improved players on the offensive line. Unfortunately they will keep Matt for one more year, he'll breakdown and we will be left with Seneca and the third string quarterback (take your pick during preseason on who gets knocked out).

    You are correct they do need a running back to carry the ball, Someone who can breakthrough the defensive line and complete first downs or a big run; if not the quarterback will have to throw all day and at this point looking at last year the only one that made an impact was the tight end, the wide receiver core was pretty beaten up just after preseason and did not fully recover.

    Special teams is another area they might want to take a look at, possibly a kick/punt return specialist with speed and agility to move the ball up the field.