Monday, April 6, 2009

Ken Bone to take the reigns

PULLMAN, Wash. -- Portland State basketball coach Ken Bone will become the new coach at Washington State University, the Cougars said Monday.
Interesting. Ex-Husky coach, proven winner with a bad program. I like it. Not the youth movement that they took with Bennet and Wulff, Bone is 50, but, he's a proven winner. Utah State's Stew Morrill withdrew his name, I know they looked at A-B, but I like this hire.
Honestly, we recruit on the second tier, and this guy has connections. He can and has recruited in the northwest and I look forward to seeing what he brings. The question will be what happens to the recruits and young players. I hope he keeps the core, but only time will tell.
I dont blame TB. I dont agree with the faithful talking smack about him, he has an opportunity, you would take it, the man is making over a mil more. Before you get on here telling me you wouldnt or the committment he made, dollars is dollars.
I wish the best for TB, and I wish the best for Virginia. They got a steal. They got a great coach and a great coach that teaches team. I for one will root for Virginia. I dont understand the hate that people have now for TB. Its sports and its money.

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