Thursday, April 9, 2009

Who was that masked man?

The mariners improved their record today bringing them back to .500 with a 2-0 win over the Minnesota Twins today in Minnesota. This was the final game of the 4 game set with the Twins, today is get-away day for the Mariners who are on the way for a weekend series with the Oakland A's.

The impressive stat of the day is the pitching line by Jarrod Washburn.
8 innings pitched, 5 hits, no earned runs. Thats right, I said that Jarrod made it to the 8th inning.
Brandon Morrow came in, walked one, struck out two for the save.
Very impressive pitching performance for Jarrod, I know I said that before, but lets see if this is something he can do again in a week.
The Mariners scored early in the first with a Beltre single scoring Gutierrez. That score stayed until the top of the 9th when Balentein doubled, and Rob Johnson singled into center.
Rob Johnson started today for Johjima and Jr had the day off also.
Finally, Ichiro, was cleared to begin practice, from that bleeding ulcer.

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  1. In my book Brandon Morrow is a viable closer, a little shaky at first with a dismal first outing but has picked it up and impressed me. and if he continues he could become a fierce closer, on a fantasy league I would pick him up as a closer.