Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Who in the world stole Jarrod Washburn and replaced him with this guy?

5-14. 4.69 ERA. 87 Strikeouts.

That was the totals from the 2008 season for Jarrod Washington.

3-0. 1.71 ERA. 17 Strikeouts.

So far, that is his line this season.

Jarrod has already thrown 20% of his strikeouts from 2008. He has already won 60% of his wins from last year.

I don't know who abducted him, don't care as of this morning, in fact, don't bring him back. I like this guy. Jarrod threw another gem last night giving the Mariner's a solid effort and pitching another 7 innings last night. The offense (OK, Sweeney and Bentancourt) came back last night scoring 4 and giving up only 2.

Now if someone could do something with Silva...............

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