Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ummm, well, we all have one of those days/nights

After giving up 15 hits, 9 runs, 2 errors, the Mariners only scoring 3 runs, 4 total hits by only 3 batters and seeing the team batting average dip again to .246, lets just hope it was one of those days.

Area's of concern:

Mike Sweeney's back. Although reports today are it is not bad

Jr. Umm, love you, but, is it time to get out of the 3 hole? .171 as a 3 hole hitter isnt a recipe for offensive success.

Beltre batting .172, umm where's Tui? Let alone his back to back errors late in the game last night.

Only 4 batters hitting .300 or better on the team, and one of them is Balentien who has 13 AB's.

Again, let's just hope this was one of those nights. King Felix is on the mound tonight, hopefully he can go some innings and keep them in it while the Mariner's look for their offense.

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