Monday, April 20, 2009

I'd like to address some of the other sports


Its playoff Hockey time. There is few better playoff's than the NHL. I am a Philly Flyer fan, and after almost jumping off the roof of my house due to a lackluster game 1, and then blowing it in game 2, the boys came out like someone peed in their cheerios and finally took it to the Pens. I cannot stand Sidney Crosby. And with that, every time he was on the ice, one of my Flyers were trying to put him on his butt. Game 3 started off as physical as any I have seen. The Flyers ultimately put a smile on my face, winning 6-3, getting back into the series and now only trail the hated Pens by one. Tonight, my pick to raise Lord Stanley's cup, the Bruins, look to go up 3-0 against the Habs. Boston just flat out looks better. If your a hockey fan, your thinking, what about the Detroit freaking Redwings. That team, in my house, is not allowed to be discussed. They are to me like the New York Yankees, Rangers, Michigan Wolverines and others. The mere thought of them makes me ill. Some that know me that after I was born in Philly, we moved to Chicago, and then finally the NW. So, naturally my second favorite team is the Blackhawks, and after a long drought, made it back with youth and hard work. Back to D'troit, the sight of Chris Chelios skating for them makes me contemplate eating peanuts right now. That move, granted years ago, would be like Luke Skywalker joining the dark side. Unthinkable. But he did, and quickly became part of public enemy number one.

Is there no bigger loser in hockey than Sean Avery? GOD I can't stand him. Let alone the putrid organization he plays for.

The Canucks are 3-0 over St Louis, and looking good. Those who are not:

Washington. Seriously, one time, just do something worthwhile

San Jose. Age, Age, Age. Man they look HORRIBLE.


Those that know me, know I am a die hard Stewart fan. Tony Stewart switched from JGR to a team he now partially owns. In the build up to this year, I didn't know what to expect. Granted he's running everything Hendrick (The Darkside of Nascar) ((shut up Dave)), few have been able to pull it off. Tony has never been a media darling, a buffet darling maybe, but no media. He is known to speak his mind, hit cameraman, talk smack about Goodyear, and win races. Although he has not won yet this year in 8 starts, Tony has 3 top 5's and 6 top 10's. As a 2 time Champ, he is the greatest driver in NASCAR (shut up Dave)

What in the world is going on with RCR? A 15th, 20th, 26th, and 30th place showing at Phoenix? Overall, Clint Bowyer is 6th, Jeff Burton is 11th, Kevin Harvick is 16th, and making another strong showing is Casey Mears. My friends have heard this before, I thought drivers like Casey, Kasey Kahne, Elliot Sadler, and Jamie McMurray were victims of bad teams. But Casey, and McMurray have proved me wrong. Strong teams, bad results. And don't even get me started about the most overrated driver in Nascar, Dale Earnhardt Jr.

What I am sad to see about Nascar is how vanilla this sport has become. Everyone drives around till the last couple, begging not to mix it up and keep the car clean, and just like the NBA and it only counting in the last 3 minutes, the drivers don't heat it up until the end. Being a long time fan, this is disappointing. I think it really came to a headway when Denny Hamlin was leading the race, only to give it up late at Martinsville and acting like it was no big deal. NO BIG DEAL? I thought the point in racing was to stand up there with that big cardboard check, the hottie Nextel girls standing around not knowing what sport they are even at, talking about I won. As much of a fan I became of the chase, this has also made the race boring to watch. Bristol and Martinsville used to be one of my favorite races. Grudges were held until then, and in payback fashion, taken out there. Kyle Busch should have derailed the 88. He should have made his car look like something that came out of a wrecking yard. But no. Some might say that if Sr.was still here, things would be different. Who knows, the France's have taken this sport to the ultimate in paydays and publicity, but have also to a degree made chess more combative.

Third and finally, it is clear that Chuck Lidell simply needs to retire. A poor outing, an old crusty vet who has seen his run in MMA pass him by. In his day, he was simply amazing, and now is becoming punch drunk and honestly boring.

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  1. 1. I know your to hate this.....GO REDWINGS!!!!!
    2. If Abrose takes a top 10 ride at Talledaga I'll eat a crap sandwich. JR who? If Mark can get a victory driving the number 5 for Hendrick this guy should do better than what he is, your family can't save you in the pits Dale.
    3. UFC need new blood; cannot ride an old mare for to long before you have to put him down.
    4. Can you belive my boy Ryan Braun, puts two homers out the ball park today with 2 runs and 3 rbi's riding a .271 batting average.
    5. Go Oklahoma Thunder!!!! Damn forgot the stink and didn't make to the playoffs; I'm glad they are gone.......GO SOUNDERS!!!!!
    And finally the NFL Draft- Anybody want the first pick; I see they are pulling the straws hoping they don't get the short one (scary)...
    And as far as the Michigan Wolverines I have one thing to say- I am totally with you....Go white,Go Green... Go Spartans