Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I am not drinking the kool aid, but, I am getting thirsty

So as the boys of summer take the field tonight for the second game against many who believe will be the ultimate winners of the AL West, I have some interesting points for you. Again, I understand its 8 games into a 162 game year. I understand that its just roughly 5% of the season. But last night, again, the Mariners fought. They fought for 10 innings. Carlos Silva looked like he actually wanted to pitch and was going to give some effort. The crowd packed the house, of course to see the return of the prodigal son Jr. +/- 49,ooo fans made Safeco look like Safeco of the good years.

Jr. was limited to the DH role due to a stiff back, but managed to come through with a 1-3 performance, and with the amount of pressure he was facing, I will take it. Endy Chavez continues his torid pace by going 2 for 4, hitting .394 so far for the season. Again, Carlos Silva pitched very well. He went 7 innings, allowing 2 earned runs, striking out 4. Aardsma, Morrow, and finally Corcoran coming in for the win. This by far was one of the best outings for Silva, and also was very timely.

Tonight, Jarrod Washburn will face Jered Weaver. Both are 1-0, both are sporting a 0.00 era, a below 1 WHIP. Let's hope the pitching can continue. Ichiro returns from his first stint on the DL as a MLB player. We will see where he is at. Does this drop Chavez to #2 in the offense?

The following are some stats that stick out to me: power rankings list the Mariners as #5

Seattle is #2 with a 2.76 team era

Seattle is tied for 2nd with LA Dodgers in Runs Scored against with 24, the leader Pittsburgh has only given up 23

Seattle is 19th with a .253 BA

Seattle has a .990 fielding percentage

Endy Chavez is tied for 8th in the American League for batting average, 6th in the American League for hits.

Russell Branyan is tied for 12th in the American League for Home Runs

Endy Chavez is tied for 3rd in the American League with 3 stolen bases, with 0 CS

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