Monday, June 22, 2009

Raising Kahne in wine country

NASCAR brought its travelling series to a road course this weekend, in sunny Sonoma Ca. After weeks of weather playing havoc with the series, it was almost a lock that this would go off uninterrupted.

The weekend started off with what had to be a surprise, Marcus Ambrose taking the pole. Don't get me wrong, I understand there are specialists out there. For as many specialists, I give you failures from them.

24 hours after securing the pole, the very same Ambrose blew an engine and had to go to a backup. Without having practice laps in his car, Ambrose would find himself in the rear, instead of the front when the green flag dropped.

I am not a fan of Watkins Glen. Sonoma however, gives good racing.

This was proved throughout the day. There was the impressive comeback after a pit road speeding penalty by Jimmie Johnson, Marcus Ambrose stalking the field twice and ultimately finishing third. AJ Almindinger and teammate Elliot Sadler both finishing in the top ten.

Thats right boys and girls, 3 out of 4 RPM cars were in the top ten, and the one missing was due to car problems.

Kasey Kahne ultimately led 38 laps. He led the final 38 laps, holding off Tony Stewart repeatedly after the dreaded double file restart, or whatever gimmick TNT wants to call it. And don't worry, I will address TNT in a bit. I cant remember the total restarts, but Kasey definitely drove it like he stole it and never relinquished the lead, snapping a 37 win less streak.

Seeing Kasey in winners circle to me looks like he should be there. The king however, looked about as out of place as his son Kyle does on TV. Look, I am not bashing the king, I am not trying to suggest anything other than the obvious when it comes to RPM. 4th tier team. So enjoy your final win, final win for Dodge and RPM. I am telling you that RPM will be a Toyota racing shop next year.

Which goes back to a post previously from this, Mr Kahne, you outran what could/should be your boss next year. Don't mind the fact that SHR is racing in the top twelve, they are having fun. If the conversations from the weekend prove true, SHR might be looking for the 3rd horse in the stable next year. The rumor mill circled Kasey, and another wild card, Kevin Harvick. Harvick becomes a free agent (driver) at the end of the year. Either way, either one, I would love to see in a SHR car. Mr Keslowski, keep looking.

Onto Kyle Petty:

Shut up. Shut up already about how you got screwed out of your ride, how you are a driver, and how sad this has all become. Seriously, your family kicked you out of the business. Ever heard of handwriting on the wall?
I love and respect you for your charity work. Everyone does. But you don't belong in a booth. Repeatedly making errors, opinions that weren't relevant. Please, put a tourniquet on it, stop the bleeding and get someone else in there. While we are on the subject, someone turn off Wally's mic too.

On the Jimmie Johnson turning of Kurt Busch:

I was shocked from how sorry Jimmie was. He came over the mic to Chad saying it was a mistake, a racing error blah blah blah. True it was, and sure crap happens, but this is racing. It was getting to the end and hey it happens.

Tony Stewart's 2nd place:

I am telling you now. Tony Stewart will win it all. He is consistent, he is achieving at a higher level than everyone else and he is keeping his head on. As a fan of his for many years, after the race I sit there in amazement with who I am listening to. So I am saying it, the 48 reign is over, all hail the 3 time cup champ Tony Stewart.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Unfortunately Tiger, your in a no win situation

The story on the eve of one of the greatest golfing tourneys in the world is not really if Tiger can win his 15th major. It doesn't center on Tiger and his rebuilt robo-knee. Its not about Tiger and the beast that is Bethpaige.

The story is Amy Mickleson. Amy was diagnosed with cancer recently, and in response Phil decided to stay at home. But then Phil made a return and today said that his wife would like to have a trophy in her hospital room while she takes on the mother load of all diseases.

Imagine that. Your wife basically calls you out. Um honey, help me pack my things, oh and by the way, this weekend, go win me that nice shiny trophy that you have never seemed to win before. I want it in my room while I am battling cancer.

Makes me have trouble swallowing, imagine Phil. I am not going to put Phil on the coals like I usually do. I'm not gonna talk about the nickname, or the sudden loss in swing.

I wish nothing but the best for him, and a clean bill of health for his wife Amy. Having lost my mother from this very same disease, I know, although not my wife, what they must be going through.

So if you are a fan of golf, if you are a remote control passerby this weekend and land on the coverage. Be prepared. This is going to play over and over. And rightfully so. Hopefully some serious money can be raised this weekend and send it to the Susan G Komen foundation and they in turn can fund more research.

So with that Mr. Woods, no matter what. The story will be the Mickleson's. Something tells me however, he wouldn't even mind.

So long story short. I root for Tiger. I root for others too, I rarely root for Phil. Given the situation, I will be pulling for lefty. And to me, if he doesn't win it all, but keeps it together enough to finish, I will forever be impressed with.

Good luck to you Phil, and good health to Amy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Um, NO you dont have the credentials, you douche

Slammin Sammy = Slammin performance enhancing drugs into your system to make a name for yourself.

At least that's what it should be.
What's even better is this clown sat down earlier this month with a reporter saying that he's going to retire, and then "I will calmly wait for my induction to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Don't I have the numbers to be inducted?".

Then skip to today, and in, it's being reported that the great one popped positive in the very same tests that A-Roid took. Obviously, like A-Roid, these results were not supposed to be publicized.

Hey Sammy, do me a favor, hold your cheating breath. In fact, you, A-Roid, Bonds, and McGuire all sit in a circle and hold your breaths.

Your not getting in my friend, none of you will or should.

"I always played with love and responsibility and I assure you that I will not answer nor listen to rumors. If anything ugly comes up in the future, we will confront it immediately, but with all our strength because I will not allow anybody to tarnish what I did in the field,"
I want you to answer NOW. I want you to come out from behind your "I don't understand English" bull crap that you pulled when you were in front of our government. I want you to have the BALLS to confront it.

But, of course, you wont.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

How's that song go? Old man river?

I admit it. When the news broke I was like, seriously? Didn't this guy retire like 10 years ago? In fact, I was so sure of myself I called a couple of friends asking about wasn't he in a rocking chair doing a fair well tour? Isn't he starting to look like the dudes from Aerosmith?

But Mark Martin was signed to run the 5 this year (supposedly instead of Brad Keslowski). Mark would replace Kyle Busch and be paired with Alan Gustafson. He signed a 1 year deal, with a second option year.

And with enthusiasm and enjoyment, he has won. The latest today at Michigan.

You can say what you like, another fuel mileage race, or if Biffle and Johnson wouldn't have run out of gas they would have won. All true, but, if Kyle Busch didn't get passed late in the truck series and the nationwide, he would have won 2 races this weekend.

As hard as it is for me to get used to, I am coming to grips with it. Fuel mileage that is. If you are a 48 fan, or a 16 for that matter, there is nothing worse than seeing your car shake left and right trying to get that fuel into the pickup.

For the most part, the race was a snoozer. The 48 had the car to beat, the 24 was making an impressive run, and more impressively, we didn't have to be subjected to watching the 55 make doughnuts in pit lane! Oh Michael, enjoy next week off when freaking Patrick Carpentier drives your ride in Sonoma.

But back to what the story is, and was. Before the race, people interviewed said the it was the 5 and the 48 as favorites. In typical Martin fashion, he was there in the end. After a poor qualifying, he was there when it mattered most.

Now sitting 8th overall, 3 wins into the season, I am shocked. Congrats old man, your running well. Keep it up, your enthusiasm is refreshing.

Some other news and notes:

Rumor has it that there is a possibility Red Bull racing will be going to chevy's. Their contract with Toyota is up after this year. There is a link with the gazillionaire owner of red bull and HMS, don't be surprised.

Steven Wallace is looking for a run of 10 races next year in the sprint series under his dad's company.

Danica Patrick is rumored to have been talking contract with Chip Ganassi and NASCAR. 2 words. Bring it. Nothing like a side show. I want her to yell at Tony Stewart like she does on of those pretty IRL boys.

Johnny Benson was in a horrible wreck Saturday evening racing in Michigan. The problem was, it wasn't in the trucks. You know those Saturn commercials that say something about buying a car, losing your job sounds like a bad week? Imagine Johnny's. Dropped from his ride in the truck series on Monday due to sponsorship, Johnny ends up in a fiery wreck and breaking some ribs on Saturday night. Talk about having a bad week.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come on Kasey, the writing is on the wall

The demise of the economy has taken countless victims. Need more examples than Red Horse Racing and Johnny Benson?

Now Richard Petty Motorsports has let go of employees for fear of reducing funds from Dodge.

Further, it has been noted that RPM has partnered with Braun Racing for races in the Nationwide. This would normally go as unnoticed as the lack of wins the 88 has, except for the fact that Braun is a Toyota based team.

Is this a sign? Is RPM switching to Toyota's?

Either way, there is the Kasey Kahne situation. Kahne is under contract with RPM through 2010. However, would you go down the slippery slope with RPM another year after potentially changing manufacturers.

Let alone the fact that they do not have the financial backing to run the r6p8 engine from Dodge. They ran it in Dover, but couldn't in Pocono. Kasey was competitive in Dover, and was a mere blip on the scoreboard in Pocono by starting 14th and finishing 15th without ever leading a lap.

ESPN is saying that RPM may not run the new package in Michigan.

So what is Kasey to do?

How about coming to the hottest team in NASCAR. Make a 3rd team, and run with what has to be the biggest surprise this year, Stewart Haas Racing.

The simple fact is, in NASCAR, the teams that have it will get results, the rest are merely just playing for 20th.

With rumors that Truex going to MWR to join his brother (slit wrists now), make a move for yourself Kasey. Make a move that will show that you are still a great driver, just sub par equipment.

I swear it was the poppy seeds on my muffin

Well well well.

The saga that is Jeremy Mayfield vs NASCAR has taken another twist.

ESPN is reporting that the drug that Mayfield has been suspended for was in fact methamphetamine.

Nothing says idiot like a jackhole who takes meth, and gets behind a 200 mph rocket.

For weeks Mayfield said it was a reaction to adderall, treating ADHD.

More so, I think legal action needs to be taken. There are 43 drivers out there in a race. Giving their life for a sport, and when an individual is impaired by drugs, they need to go away.

Enjoy your permanent black flag Mr Mayfield. At least now you have time to do more of that home brewin.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry about that, I just woke up

So there I was, ready for the Monster Mile. Ready for a good hard race. Ready to watch drivers get angry, old grudges rear their head and people drive vehicles that look more like something that would look like the local wrecking yard.

What did we get?

Snoozefest. Again.

Don't misunderstand me, the finish with Stewart and Johnson was impressive. To a degree. 4 tires vs 2. Johnson sailed through the top 6, overtook the leader and sailed away.

Congrats to Johnson, another win and another impressive Sunday.

But even when the known temperamental Stewart got out, I was thinking, here we go, a little excitement! But NO! Credits go out to the team, to Johnson, talkin about how it was done for track position, nothin about, I HAD THE LEAD AND I'M PISSED.

Where oh where has the passion gone? I know that some will say that the France's, corporations, and owners have taken it away, but I miss it.

These shoebox's that they drive make for boring racing. They are basically sherman tanks, or even overgrown Pontiac Fiero's. I fully understand the reason that NASCAR went this route, but holy crap is this racing vanilla.

I am not experienced enough to say with an adjustment to the body here, or maybe changing that will open things up, and as much as this hurts to say, NASCAR is starting to look like the NBA. Meaning, it doesn't matter about anything that occurs after the first 2 minutes, all the way though until the last 5 laps.

More so, I want anger. I want passion. I don't want drivers getting out of their ride, grabbing what ever soda they have to pimp, thank all the drivers that raced them clean, and say something stupid like well we will go get em next week.

Come on Mr Ed errr Carl Edwards, go to Kevin Harvick's stall and cause some trouble. Shoot, even go after your own teammate like you did when you went nuts on Kenseth. Tony, you write the checks, go after someone, for the love of pete, someone do something.

Stop making this look like church. Stop making this look like Danica Patrick is a badass.