Sunday, June 14, 2009

How's that song go? Old man river?

I admit it. When the news broke I was like, seriously? Didn't this guy retire like 10 years ago? In fact, I was so sure of myself I called a couple of friends asking about wasn't he in a rocking chair doing a fair well tour? Isn't he starting to look like the dudes from Aerosmith?

But Mark Martin was signed to run the 5 this year (supposedly instead of Brad Keslowski). Mark would replace Kyle Busch and be paired with Alan Gustafson. He signed a 1 year deal, with a second option year.

And with enthusiasm and enjoyment, he has won. The latest today at Michigan.

You can say what you like, another fuel mileage race, or if Biffle and Johnson wouldn't have run out of gas they would have won. All true, but, if Kyle Busch didn't get passed late in the truck series and the nationwide, he would have won 2 races this weekend.

As hard as it is for me to get used to, I am coming to grips with it. Fuel mileage that is. If you are a 48 fan, or a 16 for that matter, there is nothing worse than seeing your car shake left and right trying to get that fuel into the pickup.

For the most part, the race was a snoozer. The 48 had the car to beat, the 24 was making an impressive run, and more impressively, we didn't have to be subjected to watching the 55 make doughnuts in pit lane! Oh Michael, enjoy next week off when freaking Patrick Carpentier drives your ride in Sonoma.

But back to what the story is, and was. Before the race, people interviewed said the it was the 5 and the 48 as favorites. In typical Martin fashion, he was there in the end. After a poor qualifying, he was there when it mattered most.

Now sitting 8th overall, 3 wins into the season, I am shocked. Congrats old man, your running well. Keep it up, your enthusiasm is refreshing.

Some other news and notes:

Rumor has it that there is a possibility Red Bull racing will be going to chevy's. Their contract with Toyota is up after this year. There is a link with the gazillionaire owner of red bull and HMS, don't be surprised.

Steven Wallace is looking for a run of 10 races next year in the sprint series under his dad's company.

Danica Patrick is rumored to have been talking contract with Chip Ganassi and NASCAR. 2 words. Bring it. Nothing like a side show. I want her to yell at Tony Stewart like she does on of those pretty IRL boys.

Johnny Benson was in a horrible wreck Saturday evening racing in Michigan. The problem was, it wasn't in the trucks. You know those Saturn commercials that say something about buying a car, losing your job sounds like a bad week? Imagine Johnny's. Dropped from his ride in the truck series on Monday due to sponsorship, Johnny ends up in a fiery wreck and breaking some ribs on Saturday night. Talk about having a bad week.

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