Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Come on Kasey, the writing is on the wall

The demise of the economy has taken countless victims. Need more examples than Red Horse Racing and Johnny Benson?

Now Richard Petty Motorsports has let go of employees for fear of reducing funds from Dodge.

Further, it has been noted that RPM has partnered with Braun Racing for races in the Nationwide. This would normally go as unnoticed as the lack of wins the 88 has, except for the fact that Braun is a Toyota based team.

Is this a sign? Is RPM switching to Toyota's?

Either way, there is the Kasey Kahne situation. Kahne is under contract with RPM through 2010. However, would you go down the slippery slope with RPM another year after potentially changing manufacturers.

Let alone the fact that they do not have the financial backing to run the r6p8 engine from Dodge. They ran it in Dover, but couldn't in Pocono. Kasey was competitive in Dover, and was a mere blip on the scoreboard in Pocono by starting 14th and finishing 15th without ever leading a lap.

ESPN is saying that RPM may not run the new package in Michigan.

So what is Kasey to do?

How about coming to the hottest team in NASCAR. Make a 3rd team, and run with what has to be the biggest surprise this year, Stewart Haas Racing.

The simple fact is, in NASCAR, the teams that have it will get results, the rest are merely just playing for 20th.

With rumors that Truex going to MWR to join his brother (slit wrists now), make a move for yourself Kasey. Make a move that will show that you are still a great driver, just sub par equipment.

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