Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Sorry about that, I just woke up

So there I was, ready for the Monster Mile. Ready for a good hard race. Ready to watch drivers get angry, old grudges rear their head and people drive vehicles that look more like something that would look like the local wrecking yard.

What did we get?

Snoozefest. Again.

Don't misunderstand me, the finish with Stewart and Johnson was impressive. To a degree. 4 tires vs 2. Johnson sailed through the top 6, overtook the leader and sailed away.

Congrats to Johnson, another win and another impressive Sunday.

But even when the known temperamental Stewart got out, I was thinking, here we go, a little excitement! But NO! Credits go out to the team, to Johnson, talkin about how it was done for track position, nothin about, I HAD THE LEAD AND I'M PISSED.

Where oh where has the passion gone? I know that some will say that the France's, corporations, and owners have taken it away, but I miss it.

These shoebox's that they drive make for boring racing. They are basically sherman tanks, or even overgrown Pontiac Fiero's. I fully understand the reason that NASCAR went this route, but holy crap is this racing vanilla.

I am not experienced enough to say with an adjustment to the body here, or maybe changing that will open things up, and as much as this hurts to say, NASCAR is starting to look like the NBA. Meaning, it doesn't matter about anything that occurs after the first 2 minutes, all the way though until the last 5 laps.

More so, I want anger. I want passion. I don't want drivers getting out of their ride, grabbing what ever soda they have to pimp, thank all the drivers that raced them clean, and say something stupid like well we will go get em next week.

Come on Mr Ed errr Carl Edwards, go to Kevin Harvick's stall and cause some trouble. Shoot, even go after your own teammate like you did when you went nuts on Kenseth. Tony, you write the checks, go after someone, for the love of pete, someone do something.

Stop making this look like church. Stop making this look like Danica Patrick is a badass.

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