Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh calm down Jr nation, truth hurt?

Alright. So I expect some bad replies from this, but, I am still doing it.

The most average driver in NASCAR was called to the carpet today. "it's never Junior; it's always the crew chief" was said about Jr by Kyle Busch. The funny thing is, he's correct, for the most part.

So the nation (both Jr and NASCAR fans) are calling Kyle Busch out. At least someone is. Jr looked like a sad puppy at the press conference talking about how Kyle always has something out for him. WHAT? A lot like his driving, Jr went out soft. Are you going to tell me he took the high road? How about showing some heart? How about showing some anger? How about showing some emotion because a large part of you just got your family member fired? Why not go and drink some of those Amp energy drinks, act like you're angry and want to take on the world?

But no. Jr just limped along the press conference, whoa is me, feel bad for me.

Remember it was not too long ago that Jeff Gordon was called out because he "didn't want to win"? Eh hem.

You want to hate Kyle Busch because, he, um, competes? Wins? Says 2nd place stinks? Now don't get me wrong, I don't have any 18 gear, but he does drive for JGR who I support. I do respect the fact that at any given weekend he could be driving in 3 series, trying to win in all.

I read some of the postings from fans on, and on, and man, its a war. 18 this, 88 that.

Simple facts are, Jr under-performed, a lot of money is involved, and someone had to go. Just like in any other sport, in fact just ask the Colorado Rockies. Two years ago they were in the world series. Today, they fire the manager.

One thing is outrageously clear, Mr Earnhardt Jr, you have one more pass. When you do get your new crew chief, you might want to win. You don't have Eury Jr to deflect any more attention, its now all on you.

I suggest you show some heart.

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