Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Seriously Martin?

Rumors are swarming that Martin Truex Jr is on his way to Michael Waltrip Racing. Now I know what a whirlwind MWR is on, shoot, first win and all due to a rain out, but Martin, WHAT GIVES?

Granted he has been involved in a smoke and mirrors organization since coming to the big show, but why leave one train wreck for another? Ask Bobby Labonte, Mark Martin and others what its like to finally get it that you cannot turn an organization around, it takes many. Look at Stewart-Haas racing. Mired in what was a lower 20's, mid 30's owner points organization, Tony Stewart was brought in, wholesale changes were made, and presto.

Plus, why leave Bass Pro Shops for NAPA? That has to be as lame as what Clint Bowyer had to go through. Seriously, Jack Daniels to Hamburger Helper!

Friends of mine have discussed where he might end up, the third ride for Stewart-Haas, possibly the 4th car for JGR, but never in a million years would I think that it was to MWR.

If this is true, if Truex goes to MWR, that means Michael Waltrip's historic career is over. I think that all the drivers in the series will be thankful in a way, I mean, at least he wont do what he normally does and take out the field somewhere in the race!!

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