Thursday, May 14, 2009

I will take: Give me an F'ng break for $1000 Alex

For those of you that don't know it, that is the symbol for the North Dakota Fighting Sioux.
That symbol and the name has come under fire since 2005 when it was "deemed" "hostile and abusive" to American Indians.
The symbol and nickname was changed in the 1930's, a move to bolster the Universities name, which was named the Flickertails. Who in the hell would be proud to be a Flickertail?
The University and the Standing Rock and Spirit Lake Sioux tribes
have until Oct 1st to agree that the University can continue to use the name, or the name has to be removed by Aug 1 2010.
Sadly, the tribe said that the possibility of this happening is "remote".
If the University doesn't do this, they will be barred by the NCAA in post season play and other sanctions.
The University of Illinois is going through the same sanctions, and unfortunately have decided to change this too. The Washington Redskins fell under the same scrutiny.
I am sorry, but this is freaking ridiculous. The tribes think that the representation is disrespectful? I think that the fact that Universities have been put under the pressure from the NCAA is disrespectful. The fact that they have to change their name, the same very names they have used for decades is disrespectful. The board for North Dakota voted 8-0 to change it. Typical politicians.
I hope they go back to the Flickertails.
I hate this "politically correct" society that we live in that everything is touched with soft gloves and make everything nice.
So, North Dakota, you change the name, I say anyone that comes to your sporting event that is from the tribe has to pay double to pay for the costs of changing all the merchandising, posters, etc.
But that's just my nonpolitical correct opinion

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