Monday, May 11, 2009

Recap of the Sounders debacle

Alright, I will give it to you, I agree. Soccer has a terrible problem. What transpired on the pitch yesterday was embarrassing to watch. Infact, it was hard to watch. There should have been academy awards handed out yesterday after the game. I will list the candidates:

Award for: "Best Impersonation of a Ref" goes to Tim Weyland. Apparently Tim had retired from being a ref, and unfortunately for the Sounder faithful, he came out of retirement and showed what happens when you lose control of a game that is full of emotions, and show zero consistency in the way you call the game.

Award for: "Help me I've fallen" goes to the Galaxies Donovan Ricketts. Between the falling down episodes and looking like he had concocted the swine flu, this guy should have been carded repeatedly. The worst was the closing minutes and he falls down due to the pull of the earths orbital pull.

Award for: "I'll Show You" goes to, sorry Seattle fans, Sigi. After the match was final, Freddie went after the refs who were walking off the pitch. Sigi decided to, at a distance, share his thoughts of the events. It looked silly. It looked desperate. I'm not saying he should have done it during the game, obviously not, it could have potentially hurt the team even worse. I get that. You have a forum, its called the press conference, use that instead.

Award for: "Let's fight like this is the NBA" goes to all the players involved in the incident that eventually sent Riley off. It looked like for a second that an NBA fight broke out, you know, like a bunch of swinging like they dont know what they are doing! Then pushing, obviously comments about the mothers (I know, even on mothers day), and then the eventual apology, pat on the back and lets play.

Award for: "Best actor in a missing plot" goes to David Beckham. The torture is over, the Beckham tragedy has been settled, and we didnt have to put up with it. Beckham wants to take his ball and play in Italy, in preparation for the World Cup. I dont pretend to think that the MLS is equal to say Serie A, I just hated when that tool showed his face with his stuck up wife like he was sent here to save the league. My wife will definetly disagree with this.

It was a game that got lost. Emotions, anger and testosterone hindered any kind of flow that might have developed in between the inconsistency of the ref's whistle. I hate the diving, I hate the noncalls from diving. It was another game that Seattle lost another player due to a red card. They have to stop doing this to themselves, this is a recipe for one point games and not closing the gap with Chivas.

On a great day that is Mothers Day, this game left a bad taste in atleast my mouth.

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