Thursday, May 28, 2009

A "key role'' in HMS's research and development group

So the much anticipated firing of Tony Eury Jr came down this morning. Well, it really isn't a firing since he's going to be filling a "key role" in R&D. What in the hell is that? Is he going to do testing on which coffee works best in the break room? Or is he gonna be the guy that taste's the oils to find out which one taste more like chicken? For a guy that couldn't adjust a car right, this will be interesting .

Anywho, the trainwreck that was the "family" racing team is over. Eury Jr is being replaced by Brian Whitesell. Whitesell most recently was Brad Keselowski's crew chief at Darlington. Good luck with that Brian. Obviously, I don't think there is a job that is more pressure in NASCAR.

More than the firing of Eury Jr, Earnhardt finally has to fulfill what people expect of him, and that's to be an elite driver. Currently Jr is 19th in the standings, 7 positions out from the chase. It will be an uphill road if they can pull this off. Granted its early, but to make a switch like this, however necessary, is risky.

Hang on boys and girls, the saga that is Jr is only getting started

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