Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Inflamation of the Shoulder? More like ERA

That's it, Wak has seen enough. The train wreck that is Carlos Silva is getting a much deserved....errrr.....needed break. Shutting down the powerhouse that is Silva is a risky move no doubt. By putting your offense on notice that they will not need to score more than 8.48 runs tonight, the offense might take the night off. Wak is definitely a gambler.

In a career that has more losses than wins, I thought that I might post this tool's career standings for your viewing pleasure. In fact, next time you are up for a job review, go into it with these kinda stats and attempt to get a pay raise let alone keep your job.

w l w% era g gs gf cg ip hits
60 64 .484 4.71 293 159 38 6 1127.0 1373

runs er hr bb ibb so
630 590 142 212 23 474

No doubt not only does this move put more pressure on the staff, they are replacing him with Vargas, but can you imagine the pressure the Team Chef is under now? Shoot, at least he had a break on game day when Carlos was forced to go out to the field, now Carlos can wander the buffet table with reckless abandon. Oh the pressure.....

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