Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend wrap up

So lets do a quick recap:
The AL West leading Mariners played a 3 game set at Anaheim. Surprisingly, the Mariners took 2 out of 3 and would you have believed it that Silva won and Washburn lost? That was exactly what happened. Washburn on Sunday struggled with control and only going 5 innings, giving up 6 runs.

Silva continued his confusing run Saturday with a 5 inning, 3 earned run outing, taking the win. The bullpen this weekend did not hold up that well. In Silva's game, the bullpen gave up 5 earned runs and almost the game, while on Sunday, they gave 3.

Most importantly however, the Mariners continued to stay in front and so far have a 12-7 record.
I do have to do this however. Hi Mr Griffey and Mr Beltre, I would like to introduce you both to this thing we call a Louisville Slugger. See ball, hit ball. In that order. $15.4 million dollars for 2 players hitting under .200. And trust me, Silva saved me from a rant.

The Seahawks had the NFL draft, and selected Aaron Curry. I love this pick, I wanted this pick, but to find out that it came with the expense of losing Hill by pulling the franchise tag, hurts. The drafting of Unger from Oregon was masterful. Unger is a lineman that can play any position, however, likely will be used as the next center for the team.

I do like the pick of the Penn State Deon Butler, and think that the drafting of Rutgers QB Mike Teel has some upside.

I think the greatest coup of the draft and something that is not talked about, is the highway robbery we committed on Denver by giving this years second round draft pick for Denver's first round next year. To those of you that might not like it, WHY NOT? Any time you can get a 2 for a 1, come on. And, most importantly, should be where your next QB should be coming from.

Overall, I give the Hawks, a "B" on the draft. All is not lost, heck, you could be a Raiders fan this morning waking up with a bad draft hangover asking, what just happened? The Oakland Raiders again showed why they are the most ass backwards franchise in the league.

My Flyers showed why you have to put all sharp objects away when it comes to April and being a Flyers fan. Again losing in the first round, this time to the Pens.
Nascar went to Talladega and the big one started early in the 8th lap. Kenseth and Gordon getting together ending the hopes of many. Only to be outdone by Keselowski dumping Edwards in the trioval. I didn't know horses could fly! What? I'm just sayin.

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