Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Would you want him in a trade?

Word out of Denver is that Jay is available. Matt is getting older, Seneca, to me is not the answer. So the draft that I watched this morning, has Matt Stafford available in the 4th pick and that the Seahawks are going to pick him with this.

But now word out of Denver is that the Broncos are open for a trade, what do you think? I like Jay, depending on the price, I might be for trading the first round, getting a second or a third and getting Jay.
Experienced, knows systems with little downside.
What do you think


  1. If I was in the Seattle higher management I would be putting my money on Cassel, but my second pick would definatly be Jay. Then put Matt in the secondary and trade Seneca for a better third string and possibly a couple lower draft picks.The defense is getting a old and Marcus cannot cover the hole field. The other thing is the Lions are looking for fresh blood in the quarterback area and depending on how long the old engine will keep running and taking snaps before he breaks down.

  2. Im hearing that the Washington Redskins are pressing for a trade, and want it now. The Denver Broncos are asking for 2 first round draft picks. Ouch.