Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tony Bennett gone to UVA

It was bound to happen, it was a matter of time, but, it still hurts. Losing a quality coach is hard, but like always in sports, time to pick up the pieces. So what now? I have heard many things, here's the list:
Portland State coach Ken Bone
San Diego coach Bill Grier
Here is a link to the UVA paper:
I do want to wish him well, and hopefully he will succeed. Thanks Tony for a good ride and bringing pride into Cougar Basketball.
***** Update 3/31/09 *****
In fact, Washington State already has contacted Portland State coach Ken Bone, according to the Oregonian. The paper is already speculating that St. Mary's Randy Bennett, San Diego's Bill Grier and former UCLA coach Steve Lavin also will be candidates. But come on, Lavin isn't leaving ESPN. And it's hard to imagine Bennett and Grier making the move, either.


  1. So I just heard Sterk (AD) is telling everyone this is going to be a quick process, 2 weeks tops. They want to make it a quick hire. I am hoping he has a plan, but seeing how he was "suprised" sunday when TB told him he was leaving, I would doubt that.

  2. ***Update 4:31***

    Cant blame the man, the salary was just released, man, dont say you wouldnt go either:

    "The University of Virginia says new men's basketball coach Tony Bennett has agreed to "a memorandum of understanding" that will be pay him $1.7 million annually for five years.

    Virginia also said Tuesday that Bennett will receive a $500,000 signing bonus and another $500,000 if he stays five years."

    Nothing WSU could do

  3. A new name has surfaced from back channels in Pullman. Bobby Knight has indicated interest in the position. Can't imagine him passing Sterk's quality assesment - but who knows.

  4. *** Update ***

    4/2/09 San Diego's Grier has made it public that he is not interested in the WSU job, leaving, hopefully Bone as the leading candidate. But who knows. I cant see or imagine Bobby Knight, a. taking the job, b. being offered the job, c. wanting the job. Just being honest.