Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Nascar Fans, If you had to endure that boredom sunday

Read this, this is out of the Greensboro News, I was talking with a friend of mine and this was exactly what we were talking about:

You waited for Denny Hamlin to strike after losing Sunday's race at Martinsville. Would he ram Jimmie Johnson's car? Give him the one-finger salute? Or call Johnson out like a pro wrestler? Instead, Hamlin did something less dramatic but more powerful. He calmly said retribution is coming. Some will say Hamlin's subtle reaction proves all that's wrong with NASCAR. No emotion. No personality. No pizzaz. This was the perfect time to throw a fit, they would say. Johnson dived under Hamlin with 16 laps to go racing for the lead. They hit. Johnson slid past Hamlin on the way to his fifth win in the last six Martinsville races. Hamlin's reaction, though, isn't wrong. It's today's NASCAR. ... Blame NASCAR. Blame TV. Blame sponsors. Blame the media. Blame yourself. With more people watching than in the sport's early days, drivers are more careful. That doesn't mean personality is gone. You just have to look for it.-- Greensboro News-Record


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  2. He should have done what Matt Kenseth did a couple of years ago at the end of the race and pushed his butt right off the track at the end of the race, but hey that's racing......by the way who is this guy Abrose he has impressed me so far on the short tracks; lets see what he can do on the medium tracks, to bad he isn't a rookie. I feel Roush racing needs to clean out a couple of stables and start with some fresh drivers or a couple of veterans that can get the job done. Tony is doing really well with a new ride, and what the hell is Junior doing, I thought the Hendricks stable was complete with that sweet deal, Don't get me wrong I like Junior, but I was looking for better results.